Saturday, July 30, 2011

Catching The Big Fish

Doug's childhood friend, Denny, and condo friend, Gerry, flew north to fish...and fish we did. It was a marathon fishing expedition by our definition but we will leave fishing on the slack night tides to Denny's next trip.

The flight into Bella Bella was late and so on the first night we only fished for a couple of hours. Gerry picked up three salmon and set the bantering tone of fishing rivalry.

The next morning Denny countered with the largest salmon of the trip at 32 lbs. This is the biggest salmon
Denny has ever caught. And Denny has been on many professionally guided fishing trips.

And the bantering continued as Gerry quickly pointed out Denny's fish fighting cut significantly into his fishing time. Although the four other salmon were of respectable size not one was close to Denny's lunker .

Then we headed for bottom fishing. Jan caught the biggest ling -18 lbs. Then she caused the biggest problem of the trip by getting her line tangled in the prop.

Ever-patient Doug donned his diving gear and untangled the line from the prop which really cut into the fishing time.

The next morning we caught 9 salmon, 2 yellow eye and three lings with Gerry bringing in the largest yellow eye - 12 lbs.

We tried to catch the elusive halibut but the two small ones were not worthy of a picture being just 8 and 10 lbs.

A sucessful fishing trip for everyone!

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