Saturday, October 11, 2014

Our Jude- Bug on the Boat

We have been anxiously awaiting Jude's first trip on the SeaDrifter.  It is our intention to get him to love the sea as we both do.  When Shari called and suggested September we were ecstatic at the thought of ten days.  Jude's initial goal was to catch a big bass (those mid western experiences).  That was replaced with the goal to catch a big SALMON!!!
Do you really think we will catch a salmon, Papa?

I caught him mostly by my self, Papa!  He is really big!

Nana didn't want me to be lonesome on the boat so she made me some friends.  Meet Mr. Bear.

And sometimes Nana reads to me and to my friends: Mr. Bear, Mrs. Humpback whale and Mr. Turtle.  We do like stories!

Since I am only three, I needed to go ashore for exercise.  My mama plays with me on the beach!
I am a very good clam digger!

I like to hike with Mama!
I don't know how this will play in Indianapolis, but hey, it's fun here.

I love to climb!

 I help Papa with the anchor locker!
I know how to beach comb!

I am coming back next year! (I hope!)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Mariner's Thanksgiving

From Desolation Sound

We are thankful for the bounty of the sea.

Lingcod and Yellow Eye

Crabs Abound
Catch Those Lingcod

Gather Your Oysters

Prepare the feast

Shuck those Oysters

Cook and Cook and then Cook

Next we eat!

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Number One Fan of the Fisher Man from Tennessee

Please come to St. Johns for the fall run.
I'm boatin' with some friends

And they've got lots of room.
You can laugh with Jan in the pilot house.

By a boat where I hope to be fishin' soon.
Please come to St. Johns.

To be with me.
Be the number one fan
Of the fisher man from Tennessee.

And she said, "Hey, Fishin' boy,
You get that hootchie down.
Shearwater's just your kind of town.

First catch me a king

Then some hali and a ling

Cause I'm the number one fan

Of the fisher man from Tennessee

Tiger Rock Fish

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Full Tilt Tour

Those of you who know my sister, Kathy, realize that she does nothing in low gear.  She is energy, she is fun and moves with quick intention.  Doug and I spent four days with Kat and my dear nephew, Seth, giving them a full tilt tour of our world aboard our beloved Sea Drifter.  They had not been to sea with us for 7 years so we had a lot to fit into a brief time.

Day One:

Kathy and Seth arrived on schedule and the fun began.  We pulled prawn traps and crab pots on the way to the SeaDrifter at anchor in Wigham Cove

A Nice Pull

After a quick night's sleep we rose early to fish.  Chinook were not to be found but the coho fishing was glorious.  Kathy had never caught a salmon before.  She was on the hunt for that Kodak Moment.

Intense Concentration 
The bounty of the sea for the second day.

Good Job, Kathy and Seth!

Day 3:

We decided to move the Codville Lagoon after salmon fishing to see if the Burke had any bottom fish for us.  Seth jigged and caught the first hali.  Kathy caught the second hali.  Seth was skeptical of trolling for bottom fish when the current became too strong to still fish.  One lingcod and a third hali later he became a believer.

Trolling on the bottom for lingcod...really?

The bounty of day three (less one prize).

Kathy's first catch of hali.  

Four or more humpback whales fished around us blowing noisily.

We thought that Seth had finally got ahold of a big hali.  Doug is hold Seth's catch of the day - big hali rod and reel.

Day 4:

No foraging today.  Move the boat, box up the catch and head for the airport.  Seth and Kathy had a long trip home but that is another story....

A great time together.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The SeaDrifter Drifts In a Little Late

A misunderstanding about timing...some drama but no trauma.  We were happy to have Beck and Rick with us even if it was a day after they expected to be onboard and two days before we had them calendared.   Thanks to our friends and family for their concern and support.

Rick and Beck extended a couple of days and we had a wonderful time together.  The coho were running and the fog scatted by late morning.  We did some touring and ate some great meals together.

It's time to fish...

Fishing the Fog Time

Got Any Fish for Me?
The Fishing Machine
The Foggy Tide Catch

Up Seaforth Channel to Spiller Channel

A Rainbow Sends Us Up Spiller
A Soulful Seal Watches Us

Ellerslie Lagoon Entrance

We read and then read again about the entrance to Ellerslie Lagoon.  One book said under no circumstances attempt it.  The next author said, "The greatest anchorage of my life".  So we decided to compromise and left the big boat safely anchored, scouted the rapids at low tide and entered at high slack. We took no pictures of the entrance becuase we were busy not leaving bottom paint on the rocks. Depths of about 3 feet at high slack.  Calm lagoon leading to a  stunning falls fed by a freshwater lake.  Hats off to the group that brought their big boats through even though one limped back with a bent prop.  Not for us.
Take Quick Pictures!  Slack is Less than 30 Minutes!
Fed by a 10 mile long freshwater lake
Beck and Rick in Ellerslie Lagoon

Spiller Inlet 

 Then we headed up Spiller Inlet to see the rock formation known as the Weeping Lady

Can you see her weeping?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gardner Canal: Beauty Beyond Words

Few mariners venture into Gardner Canal which is one of the most beautiful and pristine areas of North America.  Guarded by Europa Hot Springs in Alan Reach Gardner Canal  traverses four reaches to its head at the Kitalope River.  Beyond the first reach all contact with the outside world is lost.  One can go days without seeing another boat and there is no radio contact with the Canadian Coast Guard.  If you have a problem you must have the skills and resources to manage it safely.  Sometimes in life it is worth the calculated risk and we found the sunny days we spent in Gardner Canal to be one of those times.  Let us take you on a tour with us.  Beauty beyond words...
Upper Reaches of Gardner Cnal

Chief Mathews Bay

Glacier Above Chief Mathews Bay

Waterfall Near Price Cove

Looking up Europa Reach

Moon Above Chief Mathews Bay

Waterfall in Chief Mathews Bay

Egeria Reach

Kitalope River Drainage

Kitalope River Drainage 

Barrie Reach

Egeria Reach