Saturday, October 11, 2014

Our Jude- Bug on the Boat

We have been anxiously awaiting Jude's first trip on the SeaDrifter.  It is our intention to get him to love the sea as we both do.  When Shari called and suggested September we were ecstatic at the thought of ten days.  Jude's initial goal was to catch a big bass (those mid western experiences).  That was replaced with the goal to catch a big SALMON!!!
Do you really think we will catch a salmon, Papa?

I caught him mostly by my self, Papa!  He is really big!

Nana didn't want me to be lonesome on the boat so she made me some friends.  Meet Mr. Bear.

And sometimes Nana reads to me and to my friends: Mr. Bear, Mrs. Humpback whale and Mr. Turtle.  We do like stories!

Since I am only three, I needed to go ashore for exercise.  My mama plays with me on the beach!
I am a very good clam digger!

I like to hike with Mama!
I don't know how this will play in Indianapolis, but hey, it's fun here.

I love to climb!

 I help Papa with the anchor locker!
I know how to beach comb!

I am coming back next year! (I hope!)