Monday, November 26, 2012

Family and Friends in the Shoulder Season

Given that we are ex-pats with 5 months in Canada and 6 months in Mexico we savor our shoulder season time as an opportunity to connect with our family and friends.  This blog is dedicated to our family and friends and comes with a sincere apology to Denise and John Grosse with whom we had a wonderful visit in Gilbert and left without taking a single picture.  Our deepest apologies!

Seth and Meghan have darling identical twin girls, Rory and Abby.  I am struggling with Doug's picture organization and can't find our most recent photos but you can that they look a bit  like their mommie.

Our first journey was to Jan's old digs - Manson.  We had a wonderful dinner with our Maria and her family.  
Maria and her sisters are excellent cooks and we combined a seafood and traditional Mexican dinner.  It was wonderful.

Nicki and Bob won the great hat contest at Bob and Kathryn's dinner which was a wonderful international affair with the addition of Kristina's sister Kirsten and her husband Chewy from Sweden.  Driving a tractor at harvest is one of Chewy's bucket list items which can be arranged in Manson in the fall.

We can never pass up the opportunity to love on Wendy and Kuzi's beautiful girls who informed us that they are Caucinese (part Caucasian and part Chinese).

Thank you sister, Kathy, for the lovely evening and the opportunity to spend time with my dear friend, Jan.  A wonderful visit.

 Doug;s Aunt Nell was said to be the prettiest girl in North Dakota and I've heard that there were a lot of men that came a courting.  The Shirl Larson family resembles Nell's family in Susie and David.

We had a wonderful visit with our dear friends, Jim and Masa, in San Francisco.  Jim and Jan have known one another and been friends for over 50 years!