Sunday, December 23, 2018

Goodtimes and Hot Dates

It is always a bit sad to end a boating season because we know the wheels of time are turning round but we always make certain we enjoy the ride.  The last of our season visitors in Canada were Becky and Rick.  Had a great time, as always.

Rick has a new look and caught a really nice lingcod

Becky and a nice little spring

Large femal Box Crab

She has boxed herself up.

Kathryn and I celebrate my 70th in San Fransisco at Vogue Knitting Live

We were delighted to stay with my "niece" Melissa and her charming husband, Ali.  Baby Mila is wearing a sweater knit by Aunt Jan.  Such a great time with them.  Thanks for the hospitality.

From there we trekked to Manson to visit old friends and spend time with dearest Maria, Lia and Ehryanna.  I like to knit dollys that look like their little girls.  Ehryanna loves Baby.

Were fortunate enough to watch most of Eli's soccer game.  The girls played a distance away so we will watch them next time.

From there we raced to Mexico to close on our condo and begin the process of making it ours.  We arrived in time for our friend, Ivan's, Welcome to Medicare Party.  An opportunity to celebrate my 70th in costume. 

Big night on the town

 My hot date

Hoping that each of you is well and happy.  Our warmest wishes to you for the holiday season.  We well, be happy and get older gracefully.  Cheers.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

The 30 Somethings Fishing, Eating and Laughing

Ron was born with a fishing rod in his hand as was Seth.  Tammy was a latecomer to fishing but really showed her stuff this trip.  

This is one BIG fish 

Tammy's Lingcod

Seth's Salmon
Tammy's Bigger Salmon
Coho in a Day

Ron's Halibut with the Bottom Fish Catch

Tammy's Bigger Halibut

Really, Seth?

The Prawn Pizza Dinner

Prawn and Crab Dinner
Goodbyes too soon

Friday, August 17, 2018

The Tales and the Whales

We have yet to see a bear this year and have not sighted a single orca but we have seen whales and whales and hummingbirds and beautiful vistas.  Enjoy with us:
Such impressive animals.  Any idea what is on the tip of the nearest fluke?
Never expected to find hummingbirds in remote anchorages.

A sunset to remember
Jan knits for Nancy
The trolls of Grenville Channel
Prince Rupert on a foggy night
At slack this waterfall is flat for about 8 minutes.  We traversed it in the small boat and explored the inlet quickly.

 A pod of Humpback whales feeding off South Pitt Island
It's illegal to have a posting without a fish picture

A wonderful paella dinner with friends
A closing whale tail

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What Cruisers Do in British Columbia

We watch beautiful sunsets
We grow herbs in the pilot house
We try hydrophonic gardening or the MINT overtakes the bridge
We watch for drift and we watch interesting burled drift
We catch 4 fish and the sea lion steals the big one
We look for wildlife - Sandhill Cranes
Doug works on the shower drain system aka EXERCISE program
We release a 110 lb halibut because it exceeded the legal size
We catch keeper halibut

We laugh often and well.  What a life!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Friends, Food and Foraging in Beautiful British Columbia

My friend, Nicky explained to me that there are two kind of people in the world:  Those who eat to live and those who live to eat.  I have concluded that we are our guests tend to fit into the second category and manage to do so in beautiful places.

Crab Dinner in Nainimo with our Mexico/Canada Friends Barry and Naida

Debra and Ralph Arrive Via the BC Ferry

Another Giant Crab Feed with Debra and Ralph

Dinner Spot Prawns

Debra and Her Chicken Halibut

Tom's Cove Anchorage in Smith Inlet
Helicopter Logging in Smith Inlet

You Mentioned Dinner

Nice 22# White King

Red Throated Loon

Where the Shore Ends and the Waters Begin

Paella Dinner Sans Mussels