Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gardner Canal: Beauty Beyond Words

Few mariners venture into Gardner Canal which is one of the most beautiful and pristine areas of North America.  Guarded by Europa Hot Springs in Alan Reach Gardner Canal  traverses four reaches to its head at the Kitalope River.  Beyond the first reach all contact with the outside world is lost.  One can go days without seeing another boat and there is no radio contact with the Canadian Coast Guard.  If you have a problem you must have the skills and resources to manage it safely.  Sometimes in life it is worth the calculated risk and we found the sunny days we spent in Gardner Canal to be one of those times.  Let us take you on a tour with us.  Beauty beyond words...
Upper Reaches of Gardner Cnal

Chief Mathews Bay

Glacier Above Chief Mathews Bay

Waterfall Near Price Cove

Looking up Europa Reach

Moon Above Chief Mathews Bay

Waterfall in Chief Mathews Bay

Egeria Reach

Kitalope River Drainage

Kitalope River Drainage 

Barrie Reach

Egeria Reach