Sunday, August 13, 2017

Friends For Ever

A person is blessed to have a few friends to walk through life with.  It is always wonderful when it is a long walk together.  Jim and I have had that with first meeting when I was 12 or 13.  We went to high school together (a grade apart) and then to different colleges.  There were years that we were out of touch only to find one another, laugh and step right back into times of friendship.  My sister calls him our "Halfie" because he is half of a brother.  How fortunate. We haven't known Masa quite as long (he's not quite as old!!!) and we immediately loved him as well.

You can imagine how thrilled Doug and I were when Jim and Masa joined us on the boat this year.  Only one problem - the time was too short.

Dinner Anyone?

Masa's First Halibut...Delicious

Salmon and Catchers

Calm Waters

And All of This

Fond Farewells 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Big Fish and Acts of Courage

Rick and Beck were no-particular-schedule people this spring so they joined us for a transit from Port McNeill to Shearwater enduring Cape Caution and another challenge that remained  not photographed but will long be remembered by those aboard.  As we rounded Welch Rock into open ocean we broke a towing cleat and set the fishing boat adrift.  Everyone donned life jackets.  Jan took the helm and with Doug's guidance slipped the SeaDrifter down the back side of a wave.  Doug hooked the fishing boat with a hook.  He and Rick manhandled the small boat along the swim step.  Doug held it fast and Rick climbed aboard firing the 140 hp and falling into line behind the SeaDrifter.  There were extra rations of rum for all that evening.

Nice Fish, Rick
Another nice Ling, Rick
Another Beautiful Canadian Sunset
Hooked by Doug but Landed by Jan
Mila's Coat

Can you find the monster in the background?