Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Wonderful Oaxaca

People simply shake their heads at our taking a vacation from Puerto Vallarta but....Oaxaca called.  Doug had never been and I was there in the mid 70's.  Definitely time to revisit this magical city.

Dinner our first night on the zocalo.  I ordered a favorite - chile relleno.  I was a bit surprised that they contained pumpkin seeds in the chicken mixture and the MORE surprised to discover the seeds
were really another protein source - grasshoppers!

Grasshoppers with garlic, Grasshoppers with Chile and Plain Old Grasshoppers!

Oaxaca's churches are beautiful.  This church took hundreds of years to build and is booked for weddings three years in advance!

Rodrigo and Fernanda's wedding was a community affair that we joined!

Mescal hearts being prepared for roasting.  An early step in a long process in an area that is noted for its craft mescals which are made in the old way!
If you saw Coco, you might recognize this as an Albrije from the most notable of the Albrejes village.

Traditional dress and Indigenous languages abound!
A visit to a weaving and embriodery village.
El Tule is the largest tree in the world with a diameter of 31 feet but redwoods are taller!

Do not think for a moment that grasshoppers was our main menu.  Our dinners were sophisticated and delightful.  The wine selection was expansive and excellent.

If you have the opportunity, do visit this wonderful city even if it means leaving the paradise of Puerto Vallarta!