Monday, December 2, 2013

From Shining BC to Shining PV

From Shining BC

The new engines were perfect for our trip to Desolation Sound.  It was good to get north for a little bit of cruising.  Our first anchorage was interesting - deeper than we typically have anchored but we have plenty of rode so there were no worries despite a bit of predicted wind.
It was somewhat of a surprise when we found that we had actually traveled 5 nautical miles on the hook by simply moving from side to side.

The  fishing was pretty much over but the prawing was quite good.  

Doug is always ready to challenge local knowledge.  There are no crabs in Desolation Sound due to the warm water.  Well, that is true but not completely true.
Hairy Crab

We believe this is a Hairy Crab which is typically found in Alaska.  If you have information let us know.

Doug and Box Crab

Box Crab

The Box Crab were caught at about 200 feet.  When they pull their legs in tight they are shaped like a box.

A quick trip to Manson to see friends there including Maria.

A quick stop in Lake Oswego to see Kathy and celebrate the opening of her new law firm (without photos).  A quick stop in Gilbert to see Denise and John (also without photos).  And on to Mexico.

To Shining PV

Deck View

We arrived in Mexico without incident and hunkered down to relax and wait for Shari and Jude to arrive.  Jude was ready to come back to Mexico and to see Papa and Nanna again.

A happy airport reunion between Doug and Jude.

And then a walk along the Malacon in Shining PV.  Daddy is coming in a few days.

Can you note the resemblence?