Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Grand Tour of Wild British Columbia

Previously Rick and Becky's visits have been to the Bella Bella area.  This year they opted for a grand tour which covered more than 100 miles of spectacular British Columbia coastal waters.

Becky and Rick flew into Terrace to join us in Kitamat and head for Gardner Canal which is so remote that there are no radio communications with Canadian Coast Guard.  During our three days there we did not see another boat or human being.

Leaving Kitamat

After anchoring in Kildish Inlet we proceeded to Chief Matthews Bay where we examined hanging glaciers, kayaked and watched a grizzly bear onshore.  The mainland is big country with towering mountains.
Rick Kayaks through the Turquoise Glacial Till

Then off we go to our prawning grounds watching for more birds and wildlife as we travel.  We do well prawning but it is hard work.  We designate prawn sizes as one through 4 bites.  This one was our first 5 bite prawn!
One Big Prawn
A Record Breaker

Between prawn pulls we watch the shore for wildlife and the water for birds.  There are several types of loons in the area including the Common Loon and the Red Throated Loon.  Their mournful cries can be haunting.
Male and Female Common Loons
A Quiet Anchorage

A peaceful night was spent in this cozy, calm anchorage.  As you move to the Outside Passage on the western portion of British Columbia, the islands become less towering.  The glaciers must have ground harder there.
Fight that Fish

This year we have had to fish hard for each catch.  Rick did very well this day and out fished some of the commercial guides.  Each day we think the runs will be coming in but that hasn't happened yet.  The latest the old timers have seen.
Nice Catch, Rick!
Another Big One

We hope you have enjoyed the tour.  We have all enjoyed your company!