Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How Engineers Have Fun

Do not Let it be said that engineers do not know how to have fun.

Unfortunately, I did not get a photo of Doug and Gerry sitting on the couch reading operation manuals. But I do have other telling photos that are living proof that the stories about dull engineers are false or perhaps Gerry and Doug are exceptions....

Our time with Gerry and Carly began at Heriot Bay Marina which is a funky marina owned and managed by six old hippies. There is a band in the bar, great food in the dining room and gentle souls around.

Our first stop was Bute Inlet where we were treated to better bears than last year. Our first sighting was a very dark mature bear who came out of the brush. While we were admiring her she was joined by twin cubs whose antics amused us greatly. We were a little concerned when a large brown grizzly emerged. Male grizzlies will kill cubs if given the opportunity. Fortunately, this turned out to be Aunt Grizzly and all was well.

We feared that we had jinxed our catching with our failure to provide memorial photographs of our fish. Such was the case with salmon but not with bottom fish. Gerry is featured with our ling catch and a nice yellow eye. Carly is the prawn princess.

Shortly, there will be a blog on grizzlies including a video but I could not resist a few photos. The cubs are just too cute to not show you now.