Saturday, May 30, 2015

Life's Greatest Gift

Life's greatest gift is family.  It is such a joy to watch the next generation create loving families.  

Shari and Ryan

Doug and I had the wonderful experience of spending nearly two weeks with the Shari, Ryan and Jude before the new baby was born.  Doug and Jude rode bikes together.  We cooked and froze meals.  Nana knitted toys for Jude.  It was a magical experience.

Everyone welcomed Alyse Taryn on May 15, 2015.  Another beautiful child for us to love.

I'm just a few hours old

Welcome Home!

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams

And to think that my baby sister was kind enough to bring me a new lego set when she came home from the hospital.  What a sister!

Maybe I wil be an engineer like my Papa

Courtney and Jason

Courtney and Jason welcomed their little boy, Ashton, on May 10, 2014.

Daddy loves me!
Meeting my Grammy Kathy

Ashton with intent

Wendy and Kuzi

Wendy and Kuzi are busy, busy with their three girls.  They are such wonderful girls.
Family fun!

Maddie is into horses and busy with Pony Club. And we were able to see Peyton compete in her first state gymnastics meet.  

Lulu has not chosen her passion yet.

Seth and Meghan

With  adults abounding birthdays are busy, busy. 

Doug and I choose to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Seth and Meghan's family. Typically, we bring them an outfit when we return from Mexico but this year Aunt Jan made the girls Jalisco dancing dresses.  A quick consultation with Mom let us know that Eli  really wanted fireman boots to go with his Cinco de Mayo outfit.  Cool!
Twirly Girls and the Chief

Loving Family!

And the greatest of gifts is the love of our family.