Tuesday, July 14, 2015

North to Prince Rupert

When we began our boating journey we had a very different plan.  We thought we would spend a couple of years exploring Canada and Alaska and then head south toward the Panama Canal.  Seven years later we have yet to make it to Alaska.  British Columbia is spectacular!  We picked Deb and Ralph up in Prince Rupert which gave us new territory to explore!

Prince Rupert:

Khutzeymateen Sanctuary

This area is also known as the Valley of the Grizzly and is the only park in Canada which prohibits hunting of  grizzlies.  Grizzlies are born after a 2 month gestation period and weigh only one pound.  The mother does not wake for the birth nor for nearly five more months.  By that time the young grizzly weighs 50 lbs.  Mother and cub stay together until the cub's second year.

Clam Digger
Young Grizzly Eating Sedge Grass
On September 25, 1985, Kazukio Sakamoto left his home in Owase, Japan for a day of fishing.  Unfortunately, he never returned.  A year and a half later his beloved boat, the Kazu Maru, was found afloat off the Queen Charlotte Islands.  When it was brought to Prince Rupert for identification it was discovered that the Kazu Maru was from Prince Rupert's sister city in Japan. After the citizens of Prince Rupert loving restored the Kazu Maru,  Mrs. Sakamoto and several family members came for the dedication of the memorial for those lost at sea. The list includes the founding father of Prince Rupert who was lost on the Titanic as well as Mr. Sakamoto and many native sons and daughters of Prince Rupert.
Kazu Maru

Moose Loose on Pitt Island:

While exploring on shore Jan rounded a curve and made our first moose sighting.  It stayed long enough for a photo shoot but not a second more.

Debra and Ralph:

As always we had a great time with Debra and Ralph onboard.  The fishing was not spectacular but it was reasonable (the Pacific blob seems to be affecting salmon fishing) but left with fish.  Ralph's 25 lb fish holds the current record for the biggest salmon caught his summer.

Ralph holds a second record for the biggest hali caught this season (just under the maximum legal take) and the record for the biggest hali caught on salmon gear - 65 lbs!

Nice prawns!

The Beauty of BC: