Wednesday, May 16, 2018

No Fishes Just Riches

We are blessed to be heading north in the boat after a wonderful season of friends and family.  As we are passing Hat Island and Camano Head I think back to the memories of my childhood.  This To-Mexico-And-Back yyear was a medley of old friends, new friends, babies, children and family our greatest riches.
Lunch in San Fransico with Jim and Masa and Leah and Melissa and their families.

Dinner in Nanamio with our friends, Berry and Naida
Nana's Newest Happy Baby Girl, Ehryanna
Maria who is like a daughter to me
A Day at the Beach with Dear Friends, Jim and Denise Grandbaby Twins
Rory Loves Eli

Shari and Jude Kayaking

Wesley the Budding Thespian
Jan and Both Kathryns
A Tiger and A Super Hero

Taryn and Her Birthday Shoes
Aunt Tammy's Cinco de Mayo Birthday Dinner
Our Traveling Kids
See Ya Later, Nana Jan