Monday, July 4, 2011

Waiting in Shearwater

Last year my friend Heidi asked Doug how many "motors" he had on the boat. I think we readily identified 19 all of which need to be maintained. It was not a total surprise when our water maker decided to be difficult. Such would be in keeping with the mariner's tradition of working on boats in remote and exotic places such as Shearwater, British Columbia.

Shearwater has an interesting history. During the WWII it was a Canadian military outpost. The hangers are now a boatyard and the headquarters are the elementary school. Shearwater lodge is a mecca for fishermen and sports a good restaurant and bar and a well stocked grocery store as well as a nice laundromat. An interesting addition this year is a new lodge that was floated early this spring. Throughout British Columbia there is a history of floating houses and floating fishing lodges. The advantage is that when circumstances change or the fish move it is an easy relocation. The new lodge was purchased and floated in on a high high tide. It still sits on the barge which is now covered with a rock facing.

Shearwater is an assembly of interesting people from many different walks of life. Notable are Rob who we befriended in Eucott Bay when he had boat trouble last summer. Rob hails from Fort St. John where he had a trucking business that hauled fuel and raised wild boars. He has made a great life transition and now hunts for prawns and works for Shearwater.

Ian and Karen McAllister have dedicated their lives to keeping the north coast of British Columbia safe for wildlife and pristine. Please visit their website at

where you will be treated to some of the most remarkable wildlife photography and a description of their passionate work.

There are certainly less attractive places to wait for parts. We visited friends, watched a beautiful black bear taste a neighbor's lawn, and were enchanted by the sunset. A pleasant few days of waiting.

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Kamille said...

Glad you're enjoying the summer and seeing the sights - we are finally having a few warm and sunny days. All of this rain seems to really agree with my roses - even with virtually no TLC this year, they are blooming better than I can ever remember. That sunset photo is gorgeous - you should put out a calendar!