Monday, August 8, 2011

Third Time is the Charm or the Trip that was Everything

Some trips you struggle to get a single salmon, never see bit of wild life and the weather sucks. So it has been for Rick and Becky's last two trips north with us.

Rick is an ardent fisherman but with us could not catch a single salmon. Becky loves the sun and it spitefully rained every single day of each trip and the only wild life we could find was a few lonely black bear.

But this year it all changed and in four days we saw it all and caught it all.

Rick and Beck caught a 30 lb salmon and then followed that show with 9 more.

A lonely wolf tracked us from the shore - indeed a rare sighting indeed only our second in four years and never this close.

We went for crab and caught twenty-four some were 9.5 inches across. We went for prawns and caught 369 - quite a haul for two pulls.

We fished for halibut and Rick hooked three.

An Orca family of four entertained us for twenty minutes. Daddy (big fin), Mommie (little fin), a second adult and a young one.

And the weather was just glorious - with just one cloudy day. Canadian lighthouses are picturesque with their bright red roofs and spotless white buildings.

There were eagle shows everywhere.

It was a wonderful trip and we all had great time.

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Becca said...

Looks like a great trip. When do you come back through Bella Bella? I want to make sure I get those books back to you (and Jan-- I want that bread recipe!)