Monday, August 8, 2022

A Great Trip

 As happens often, Ralph and Debra joined us for time on the boat.  It was a spectacular trip and great fun.  We managed to catch "real" fish.  Salmon are more scarce this year porbably because they are late arriving but the competition for food sources provided a survival of the fittest show with a pod of Orcas becoming killer whales as they pursued a pod of dolphins.

A friend inquired why we have so much company on our boat.  The only answer is because we want to share amazing experiences with others.  Some we can do in person and others joing us for a virtual trip.

  Join us in our journey of British Columbia!

One of the most stunning of sunsets.

Mama and Baby Orca

A Day at the Beach

Real Fish

Real fish

Real fish

Oysters ala Jan

Real Prawns

A spectacular sunset amid beautiful weather.