Monday, July 10, 2017

The Greatest of Gifts is the Love of Family and Friends

Please meet some of our greatest gifts....

Introducing Jude:

I'm quite the fisherman.

I am a surfin' kind of guy

I love my little sister but sometimes "borrow" the toys Nana knit her.

Here is Taryn: 

Mommy and me looking out over PV

I Wanna Iguana....maybe not really.

I am planning to break a few hearts
Abby, Rory and Eli:

Aunt Jan reserved Cinco de Mayo as her holiday and brings us cool  stuff from Mexico

We are generous and sent toys to Maria's daycare.  Eli volunteered to send the scary monkeys  east.


Julianna will fill the new shoes that Grandma Jan knit for her.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Fast Forward thru Mexico

We were blessed with another wonderful winter in Mexico with visitors, guests and our dear ExPat friends who gather in Puerto Vallarta with us.

Old friends from work....  So I was thinking of my friend, Janna Lee, and wishing that we could have connected for lunch as planned.  Impulsively, I sent her an email asking her to come to Puerto Vallarta for lunch.  Instantly, she replied, "Where ARE you?  We are in PV!"  The four of us had a great lunch at one of our downtown hangouts.

Janna and Jan laughing once again!

Soon after Linda Stone who taught with me in Manson arrived on a cruise ship.  We spent a delightful day together exploring the remaining Day-of-the Dead art and chatting regarding Maria's new venture.

Painted with cans of spray paint on the cemetery wall

Down by the iguanas

How tall were you?

Doug's sister, Becky, and her delightful husband Rick came to visit in January.  Enjoyed our time together.

Becky and Rick's first trip to Puerto Vallarta

 Brunch at Elizabeth Taylor's Puerto Vallarta home.

Fun times together.

Lunch at the Elizabeth Taylor residence.

This was a year of significant birthdays which duly require great celebrations in Puerto Vallarta.  

Our friend, Sharon, never forgets anyone's birthday but didn't want a party for herself this year.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, SHARON!!

Happy 40th!!!!

Happy 17th!
Our dear and elegant friend, Carolyn, celebrated a significant birthday with many friends and family. She explained to me that it was just the sh-ts to be 17 in a much older body.