Saturday, August 28, 2010

Debra's Pride

It came as a surprise what thrilled Doug's sister, Debra, the most. Pay no heed to the trophy salmon, the "big" halibut or a prawn pull of 13 pounds. Instead savor the excitement of being able to land the smallest fish ever to be hooked by a SnowHawke guest. Excellent job, Debra! Ralph was proud of his two salmon but his excitement did not rival that of his wife.

Such fun we had with the Wilhelmi branch of the family. The trip from Olympia to Port McNeill is 14 hours (two videos and a nap). We arrived late after provisioning in Campbell River. At morning's first light we headed out for the Nakwakto Rapids where we spent several days before trying salmon fishing at Jeannette Island and Blackfish Sound. We fished at Well's Passage but caught nothing. For a week we laughed, celebrated each fishing success, played bridge, caught more prawns than we could eat and enjoyed some spectacular sunsets at beautiful anchorages.

We never tire of the beauty and variety of the Canadian waters, the company of friends and family and excitement of living off the sea with style and laughter.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

We Are So Blessed

We are so blessed to have such wonderful young adults in our lives. Doug's daughter, Shari, and her delightful husband, Ryan, are among the best. Having them on the boat was pure joy. Shari is so much like her father and Ryan really gets my sense of humor. What great kids!

Ir was such fun to watch Doug as the time drew near for their arrival. First, he checked the clock every few minutes and then he pulled on his coat and stepped out into the rainy night to wait for them at the head of the dock. Before he was forced to seek warmth in the half dark laundromat, they arrived and the fun began.

The first stop was a little salmon fishing off of Jeanette where Ryan caught a nice 19 lb salmon before the wind started kicking up. We headed for the Nakwakto Rapids where we were greeted by a huge pod of dolphins who decided to play with us. They talked loudly as they jumped and guided us toward SnowHawke Cove North. Doug got a fantastic photo of their antics and we laughed at Shari and Ryan's delight in watching them ride the bow.

After two days of prawning (great success) we headed out for more fishing. Before we could start to fish we were treated to watching big whales hunting. What a treat! Shari's salmon nearly matched Ryan's for size. Shari also managed to catch a small halibut before the wind came up.

Our time on the boat ended far too quickly.

PS Can you look at Shari''s natural blond beautiful hair and guess what Doug was nicknamed in his logging days?

That's right GOLDLOCKS!