Friday, August 17, 2018

The Tales and the Whales

We have yet to see a bear this year and have not sighted a single orca but we have seen whales and whales and hummingbirds and beautiful vistas.  Enjoy with us:
Such impressive animals.  Any idea what is on the tip of the nearest fluke?
Never expected to find hummingbirds in remote anchorages.

A sunset to remember
Jan knits for Nancy
The trolls of Grenville Channel
Prince Rupert on a foggy night
At slack this waterfall is flat for about 8 minutes.  We traversed it in the small boat and explored the inlet quickly.

 A pod of Humpback whales feeding off South Pitt Island
It's illegal to have a posting without a fish picture

A wonderful paella dinner with friends
A closing whale tail