Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Great Bear Rainforest: The People

Deb and Ralph are hearty souls to sign on to a three week trip through the most remote and spectacular section of North America. We can attest to the accuracy of the second part of the name - it is truly a rainforest. Some days it drizzled and some days it poured and occasionally the sun startled us unveiling a beauty that simply is breath taking.

And what do four people do for three weeks in less than 400 square feet? Well, they play bridge, of course! And when they tire of bridge, they seek out a hots prings for an anchorage and enjoy a good warm soak. And then they don rain gear and get acquainted with the locals - wolves and such. And when they get chilled it's time to return to the boat and enjoy another gourmet meal. The seafood is quite fresh and quite delicious. We often would have the difficult choice of do we eat prawns or halibut or salmon or fresh oysters or lingcod or crab orwould you rather have fried chicken. Mostly we enjoyed the seafood but occasionally we enjoy a comfort meal.

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