Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Eat to Live or Live to Eat

We are happy to have rounded Cape Caution and entered our summer cruising grounds.  By the time we travel from Olympia to Fitzhugh Sound we have developd a hunger for seafood that must be met.  We  anchor in Kildidt Sound where we know where to forage.

 When we prawn it is a consuming task.  In a full day of prawning we move traps twice and pull (with the aid of an electric puller) 4800 feet of prawn lines.  Jan is the self designated puller at a part of her on exercise program.

Last night smaller prawns were transformed into a prawn Thai soup.  Jan boiled some prawn heads with shells to make a prawn broth then added Thai chili and onion.  Simmered, strained and added cilantro, coconut milk and fish sauce.  Very nice!

Jan pays less attention to camera settings than her beloved engineer husband, hence, the  beautiful Chinook salmon are a bit over exposed but the 25 lb male ling cod is truer to color.

  Doug is a great fish cook.  He plank grilled the salmon and we use the left overs for salmon sandwiches.  He dredged the ling cod with brown rice flour and deep fried it.   Delectable!

I am not sure how so many crab stuffed themselves into our traps.

On our boat there is always a slight disagreement about crab.  Crab is Doug's favorite and he is a true purest - for him a crab feast is fresh, plain and abundant!   Jan, however, is more eclectic in her approach to crab and is plotting a crab frittata with Gruyere cheese, bacon and asparagus.

As our friend Nicky shared, some people eat to live and others live to eat.  There is no question of where we are placed.