Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life with a View

Tofino is interesting and a fun place to spend time. We have become acquainted with the people who live on the floating home behind us. Karedwyn used to teach English to junior high students now she is an astrologer and metaphysician. We are not quite sure what is metaphysician does but I am certain it is interesting. Her partner is a stone carver and a bronze sculptor. He is quite talented. Their studio is eclectic and stylish with her paintings in brilliant turquoises and sea greens. Business for both of them seems brisk.

We have been anchored for four days waiting for our new inverter to arrive. Shipping is never easy but across international borders is quite complex. Doug has been in daily contact with the company and the shipper trying to pinpoint exactly where it might be. He has developed several new friends who have taken his plight with seriousness. The long and the short is that is has finally arrived in Vancouver, BC and will be delivered on Friday. It has been on a journey…it was ordered from a Vancouver, BC company, shipped from Fremont, California via Toronto for cusoms clearance and now is back in Vancouver. The part about clearing customs in Toronto ispuzzling since they have custom clearance in British Columbia also.

But while we wait, the view is lovely.

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