Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Gold River Exchange

We exchanged our guests, Denise and Jim for new guests, Sandy and Gene in Gold River. Machalat Inlet which we followed to Gold River has depths of up to 1200 feet and bears a striking resemblance to Lake Chelan. Gold River used to be an international port with a booming pulp mill. They now have a log sorting yard.

There has been no cell service for days but use of the expensive public phone informed Doug that his inverter was now in Tofino. His stormy expression turned calm with the second message that the wayward inverter had been delivered to Gold River.

You may be puzzled about Doug’s high level of anxiety regarding the inverter. For a moment just imagine disconnecting your house from your local provider of electric current . Next imagine setting your house adrift at sea prepared to make your own electricity to charge your engine batteries, run the stove, the fridge, the heating system, the vacuum flush toilet, and provide light for reading. With no inverter those things would not happen. Hence, the inverter is critical to a safe voyage and a happy first mate. Therefore, the capture and installation of the inverter emerged as a big priority for Capt. Doug. Glad to announce that is running perfectly. Thank you, Captain Doug!

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