Monday, September 22, 2008

Exploring Upper Nootka Sound

Our friend, Sandy, capably assisted the crew with piloting as we headed to Zeballos, a small community in upper Nootka. Zeballos sported friendly people, a wonderful totem and a fine restaurant where Sandy and Gene treated us to a good dinner. We chatted with the locals, fueled up and spent the night.

We then steamed on to Tahsis, another village. Tahsis had a nice resort but lacked the scenic charm that we had experienced in Zeballos. It was a fine place to share a Corona, however. We are sad to leave our north journey. We need to be in closer contact due to some family issues and are heading back to Tofino and Barkley Sound and then will likely head up the inside before ending this summer adventure.


Anonymous said...

I missed your call other day.
I see that you're having winderful
I sometimes don't want open your blog site. I tend to drift away and start day dreaming.
When I grow up, I want to be like you!
Have fun! Talk to you soon.

Drifters Travels said...

We miss you, Chris. It is great fun and you will enjoy such a journey. I am certain.

Jan and Doug