Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Reason (s) For Growing Older

Today is my 63rd birthday and while I lament my graying hair and the few aches and pains I feel in my joints, there are many things I celebrate but most precious to me are the children of the generations that follow.

This posting is a tribute to each of them.

The newest member of our family grandson, Jude Ethan, joined us on July 5th. His Mommie and Daddy are Doug's daughter, Shari and her handsome husband, Ryan. We are so excited to meet him in September and look forward to many good times together. Welcome to our world, Jude!

Rory and Abigail are three months old today and are the beautiful daughters of our nephew, Seth and his stunning bride, Meghan. We have met both girls and were captivated by their sweet natures and emerging personalities.

GrammyKat holds Rory in the bunting that her greatest Aunt Jan knitted for her (Abbie's is pink and black). We hear that Abbie and Rory are sleeping through most of the night and that Mommie and Daddy are losing that blurry look. A big snuggle to each of you and we will see you in September!

Alexis is the newest member of Kuzi and Wendy's family and is proving to be her own little person. Before her first birthday she made it clear that she was not going to be left out of her big sisters' worlds. She has that fierce determination that I recall in her mother.

Madyson and Payton have been part of our world for a while. Maddie is 6 and Payton is 3. Their world is filled with many wonderful curious things - bugs and such. Both girls astound us with their insights and imaginations. They are stunning and we adore them.

And finally Wendy jumping her stallion.

Pretty babies, pretty mommies, handsome daddies - all in our world. And that is why we must grow older.

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erinz said...

Happy belated birthday Jan!!