Monday, September 12, 2011

Splendid Salmon, Lovely Ling and Heavenly Halibut

In the sea some of the uglier creatures are the most tasty. Our three targeted fish are salmon, halibut and ling cod. We did well this year - so well that a local guide asked Doug to captain one of his fishing charters but the Canadians frown on our working without a work permit.

There are five species of salmon with the most coveted being the Chinook salmon which is also known as Tyee, Spring, King, Blackmouth and if over 50 lb A HOG. We can not possibly use all of the salmon we hook so we catch and release early in the season. Our biggest release was a 40 pounder - talk about heartbreak.

Ling cod can grow as large as 70 lbs but we release all fish over 30 lbs since they are brood stock. Our big ling this year was right at 30 and hit like a freight train. In a dead tie with halibut in a ugly fish contest it is Doug's very favorite.

Halibut is the most elusive of our targeted fish. Friends sometimes pick them up while trolling just off the bottom for salmon. We have not been so fortunate but were directed to a great halibut fishery and did well. Doug is pictured with an 82 pounder and Jan with a 58. A good day's fishing!

We love to fish, we have many Canadian friends and can not image doing anything else with our summers but summer is coming to a close. One more blog with our friends Jerry and Mary Lee and then off to new adventures!

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