Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bridge to Everett

Our time on Vancouver Island for this year ended with an ACBL Bridge Tournament in Nanaimo - a beautiful harbor between Sydney and Campbell River. Nanaimo was the site of a major coal mining operation that was by the Hudson Bay Trading Company. The Bastion houses a small museum that explains coal mining life in the early days. The harbor was lovely and the company was terrific. Debra and Ralph joined us for bridge and subjected themselves to our rusty play. A good time was had by all and we won master points every day. (Albeit not many master points.)
We cooked, laughed and had a wonderful time. Our friends, Sandy and Gene joined us for two dinners (cioppino and paella) on the boat.
Now we head to Everett to spend some time with Jan’s family augmented by trips to Vancouver and Olympia. Another adventure awaits.

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