Monday, October 6, 2008

Red Sky at Morning

As we enjoyed the last remnants of summer with Kathryn and Bob storms were brewing. The first was a gale that we weathered anchored in the Ucluelet channel. Saturday morning provided enough of a window to move part way across Barkely Sound and select a protected anchorage at Effingham Bay where the weather is eerily calm today and we were greeted by a brilliant sunrise and reminded of the mariner’s adage:

Red sky at morning

Sailor take Warning

Doug has let out additional chain on the anchor and done a strong stern tie. We expect the storm to pass north of us but a cautious captain is to be had and we are prepared for winds even though we expect none. The storm is expected to hit late this afternoon. Storms are typically part of a low that is foreshadowed by a falling barometer

1000 hours -The barometer is 30.06 and steady.

1100 hours – The barometer is 30.05 and falling slightly.

1200 hours – The barometer is at 30.04 and falling.

1300 hours – The barometer is at 30.03 and falling.

1400 hours – The barometer is at 30.00 and falling more rapidly than previously.

1500 hours – The barometer is a 29.97 and continuing to fall.

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