Wednesday, June 10, 2009

North to Desloation Sound

Slowly we proceed north. We left Everett for Blaine where we had the delightful experience of having dinner with an old college friend, Karen Walter. Karen is a world sailor who currently has her boat, Mystery, there.

From Blaine we transited to Whiterock for customs clearance and had the experience of being selected to be boarded to train a new customs officer. The officials were courteous but businesslike and we are cleared.

After two days up the Frazier River to visit our friends, Sandy and Gene in New West Minister, we headed to Smuggler's Cove.

Smuggler's is a beautiful anchorage with a gruesome history. The anchorage gets its name from its nefarious activities the most notable of which involves an unsavory character named "Pig Iron" Kelly. Pig Iron "assisted" Chinese laborers into the United States. These laborers paid Pig Iron $100 and agreed to be shackled together and attached to a pig iron anchor. In the event that US Customs should become involved the workers and the pig iron were jettisoned. Such a cruel history for such a beautiful cove.

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