Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Seafood Market in Barkley Sound

We are in an inlet avoided by most cruisers. The narrow channel is guarded by fierce rocks and a current to match. Doug’s navigation skills aided by Jan as a bow look out safely guided us to a pristine wonderland. The shoreline is dotted with small floating houses and there was little sign of human activity save a black dog wandering near a cabin. We motored toward the cabin intending a friendly wave. The dog became a black bear and failed to return our warm greeting. We motored on.
A calm and safe cove with a good holding bottom was located and the boat secured. In the evening we set two prawn pots and two crab pots and settled in for a steak dinner. The night was the most quiet we have experienced. Not even a lapping of water on the shore could be heard. We woke at first light.
We poured our second cup of coffee and headed out in the dinghy for the prawn pots. Scarcely fifty feet from us a black bear was eating breakfast at the beach watching us haul the pots. Our pull provided about 25 nice prawns. We reset the traps and hope for a good evening pull. The crab pot pull provided us with twenty-five crabs eleven of whom now reside in our live well. We stopped for a few minutes and gathered enough oysters for a breakfast feast. The provisioning continued after breakfast where we gathered our limits of oysters and steamer clams and a few mussels. Our seafood larder is set for our next guests who will arrive in a few days.
On another note, I am happy to announce that neither of us has been arrested by the fashion police. Doug is particularly at risk. Yesterday he was caught wearing his maroon moose jammie bottoms with a red Hydroblast long sleeved tee topped by an orange and blue fuzzy vest. A sight to behold! Perhaps that is why we have no company.


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