Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun with Family and Friends

Life is a journey not a tour and no journey a ever goes exactly as planned particularly when at sea. Shari and Ryan ended up in Victoria rather than Barkley Sound due to an unseasonably strong cold front off the Oregon coast. We crabbed and saw sights in Victoria.

Note the picture in front of the Shinto shrine. Jeff purchased the shrine in Japan in the 1970s and sold to British Columbia for display in the Victoria Art Museum.

It was rough getting out of Ucluelet the day we fished with Meghan, Seth and Kathy. Hard on all of them but we saw whales and Seth caught his nice fish. We enjoyed a great time together with them. Gathered seafood, ate well and laughed a lot.

Rick and Beck arrived next with intentions for great fishing. Once again the weather reports forecast an unseasonably strong cold front for their time with us. Once again the forecasters were right and we headed for anchorages noted to be “bomb proof”.

Poor weather affected the fishing badly but despite the rain and cold we had a wonderful time together. We gathered oysters and clams, had a good prawn pull and saw five bear....but no fish. They will simply have to come back!


Anonymous said...

Sorry if I commented your blog, but you have a nice idea.

Drifters Travels said...

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