Thursday, July 6, 2023

Beautiful Nova Scotia

People flock to Puerto Vallarta to escape cold or dreary winters in the north.   Playing Bridge has given us the gift of friends from all over the world.

A special gift is our Canadian friends, to include a lovely woman, JoAnne. Her family has lived in the Halifax area since 1750.  I was fortunate to be invited as her guest.  Who could ask for a more knowledgeable tour guide?  JoAnne is a wonderful hostess.  Please join us.

JoAnne and a pink container ship in Halifax Harbour

The sunrise from JoAnne's condo

A lovely dinner hosted by our dear friend, David!

Tidal bore in the Bay of Fundy

Nova Scotia has many galleries and talented artists

Our trip on the iconic and startlingly beautiful Cabot Trail  

Spectacular Mountain Vista on Cape Breton

The Seas of Cape Breton from the Cabot Trail

The rugged coast of Cape Breton

Lobster and Digby scallops are the best

No trip to Nova Scotia would be complete without a trip to Peggy's Cove with its iconic lighthouse

Peggy's Cove Harbour 

At the age of 70 in 1977, William deGarte, began carving a 30 metre granite relief with 30 figures.  The artist featured Work, Bounty and Grace in the work of art.  deGarte worked on it for six years and the work was finished following his death.

And a last evening at JoAnne's lovely home following a visit to a flower farm.

Meanwhile on the other North American Coast, Doug returned to a broken pipe that flooded, among other areas, my yarn stash.  Gallently, he saved all of my yarn and most of my patterns while I ate lobster and scallops and enjoyed my trip.  

You are a hero, Doug!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful friends in lovely surroundings. Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️ katie

Anonymous said...

Jan, thanks for sharing your adventures in NS. I’m sorry Doug was not here to enjoy the visit. Have a great summer sailing the west coast!