Saturday, June 17, 2023

How Time Flies

 This morning Doug casually ask when I had last done a blog.   I promptly responded with my go to "I have no idea".  A little research led me to the answer - nearly six months ago.  Much has happened and much fun was had.  Take the quick tour...

At Thanksgiving we made a quick trip to Phoenix and on to San Francisco visit with friends.  My apologies to Jim and Masa for not taking a single photo of our time together.  I guess Mila just stole the show.  We stayed with the Mossadeghi family and were greeted by Mila in a sweater I knitted several years ago.  The sleeves were short and buttons a stretch but a quick trip to the yarn store and time remedied that problem.

Pattern and yarnselected by Mila. Knit by Aunt Jan.

Knitting with my two dear friends, Kathryn and Kathryn at our twicey-early gathering

Dan Patrick with our son-in-law, Ryan, sending greetings to Doug in Mexico!

Shari, Ryan, Jude and Taryn spent a month in Mexico.  Great fun!

Jude with a new Kiwi Project (Nana and Papa's Christmas gift)

I never imagined I had a green thumb, but these are the orchids that I got to rebloom this winter!

Meanwhile Ehryanna is polar bearing it in Manson where she practices writing her name in the sand!

Part way through the visit, we were joined by Ron, Tammy, Eleanor and Tammy's mama, Joni.  The three cousins met in real time for their first visit.  

One of life's greatest gifts is the love of a family.  We are gifted!

Mother and Daughter Pool Time!

Fishy kisses from Daddy

Taryn chose the pattern and Nana knit the hat!  From the National Park Collection - The Virgin Islands.

And Annalee meets her Arizona cousins who just got home from Mexico.  Very much fun!

And disaster strikes, Doug drops Jan off to fly to Halifax but when he returns to the boat, a pipe on the bridge had burst and dumped 230 gallons of water into the salon.  So, while Jan ate lobster and scallops, Doug heroically drives and saves the yarn stash.  What a man!

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