Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Midwest Connections

From Zacatecas Doug and I drove north  to Indianapolis to see a most charming two year old boy and his Mama and Daddy.  Well worth the extra miles.  Although we drove through Texas and stayed in Hope, Arkansas we did not pause to take photos.  Doug met my goal of only spending one night in Texas.  A good drive north.



When Papa Doug reads Hello Ocean to me it brings back memories of Puerto Vallarta.

Water is so much fun!

Mama runs a tight ship

Since I could walk, Mama has made me take my tray to the kitchen.  It's my job.  Someday my bride will thank my mama.



After a nice visit with Shari, Ryan and Jude we knew we needed to keep heading toward home.  We left Indianapolis and headed to see Sharon and Charles.  We met these charming friends in Puerto Vallarta and have stayed with them twice in Nashville.  They hosted a delicious Southern rib dinner that included other friends, Lucy and Wendell.  The photographer must have been to busy eating to get pictures of everyone.

Friend Sharon

From Nashville it was a short drive through some "interesting'" country in southeastern Missouri to Jan's family in St. Louis.   Tim has just opened a vinyl record store in a charming section of St. Louis.  We had a nice visit and spent some time with Jan's Uncle Russ. 

Jodi, Jan and Uncle Russ


Our friends from Jan's college years,  Martie and Wayne have charming grandchildren two of whom are not far from St. Louis.  We had a great visit with Heather, Mark, Joshua and Julia.  Joshua promises to be a boat guest soon.  How fun will that be.

Joshua, Julia, Jan and Doug


A deep apology from us to Aunt Barb in Denver.  We had a lovely visit with her and with Jan's cousin, Don, and neglected to take any photos.  It was such fun to see them.  We left early in the morning to make Yellowstone National Park.

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