Wednesday, July 24, 2013

April in Zacatecas and Lake Chapala

It has been so long since I have caught friends and family up with our travels.  Please travel with us.  Our first stop is Zacatecas, Mexico which is the furthest north of the fabled Seven Cities of Silver.

Indians had mined in Zacatecas for centuries when the Spanish "discovered" silver.  Forced to labor deep in the mines, the Indian slave labor created the wealth to build a magnificent city with a stunning church.

The Jacaranda trees with their gorgeous lilac leaves frame the church.

This  former convent was built in the late 1500's.

The convent had fallen into disrepair and was purchased by a wealthy family that includes the famous Mexican artist, Rafael Coronel.  The museum houses his work as well as a fantastic collection of Mexican folk masks.  Worthy of a visit.

Our hotel was built in the early 1600.  For those who are interested, the doors were hung with the original hardware - interlocking eye bolts.

Sometimes in lieu of a siesta Jan knits.  Our hotel has a long history with a nunnery among the uses.

Lake Chapala houses a huge ex-pat community with fine dining and a great bridge club.  Charming towns with great ammenities.

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