Friday, May 21, 2010

Why We Do What We Do....

For some it is puzzling and perplexing that Doug and I live as we do. It is not possible to explain why we would buy a boat, sell our condo and become drifters who land periodically in Deb and Ralph’s basement. But each day at sea is an adventure filled with surprises.
Have you ever seen an oyster that weighs 5 lbs and is 12 inches long? Jan found one on the beach.
Did you know that a stern tie could sing? We thought that its maker, brother Dale, had endowed it with special talents which did not include pitch nor tone. We found that when a tight rope is tied to a large rock, the rock can vibrate creating a high pitch tone.
Have you ever seen a Harlequin Duck in full mating season dress? The males are very showy. These small and uncommon ducks flirted and courted around us for several days.
And, last but never least, there is the fine dining. Can you eat your own weight up in crabmeat? That is surely Doug’s goal.
Tomorrow will bring new surprises for certain.

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