Saturday, May 15, 2010

Heading North into Canada

Since we plan to edge further north this year our start needed to be earlier. Fortunately, we got a lot of difficulty out of the way during our preparation – if it could be difficult it was! At some point we just looked at one another and laughed. In the end we left on time and Doug readily survived the redecorating of the boat. The project turned out very well and we are happy that we did it and also happy that it is done.

Our friends, Gene and Sandy, joined us for the first leg of the journey. We spent our last day together on San Juan Island exploring Roche Harbor and English Camp. Tensions were high between the British and Americans over who had most valid claim to the San Juan Islands. The crisis came to a head with the “Pig War” which brought the two countries to the brink of war. Mediation settled the dispute and Sand Juan Island is, of course, American but the Union Jack still flies over English Camp.

After dropping Gene and Sandy we headed north toward Evan’s Bay which is one of our favored haunts. We were weathered in Comox for an extra day with the Straits of Georgia kicking up mightily. A nice bridge game with the locals made the stop memorable.

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