Friday, July 24, 2009

The Octopus Who Dined and Dashed

In British Columbia the prawn are found at about 300 feet. We are proud of the cardio workout when we pull the pots by hand rather than using the dink. Today was a pull day and we anxiously we anticipated a haul of spotted prawns since the pots were so heavy. Up came the first pot loaded with spot prawns and hermit crabs. Up came the second pot with a very surprised Giant Pacific Octopus. He had entered the prawn pot through a three inch opening. He was delighted with the menu of captive prawns.

Despite our love for calamari, it was quickly agreed that Mr. Octopus would return to the sea. However, we had not a clue how to abet his escape. Quickly, he solved our dilemma and headed for the deep blue. Octopi change color with stress. Typically, a Giant Pacific Octopus is red brown in color rather than the bright red displayed by Mr. Octopus. Although Doug and Jerry declined to hold him for measuring but we estimate his size to be six to eight feet across. The largest found measured 16 feet and weighed over 600 lbs.


Kamille Mandel said...

This was great - it was good to see the octopus hurrying away, but I was surprised that he could fit himself through that bracket thing.


SnowHawke said...

It was amazing to watch him come out of the shrimp pot which had a 3 inch hole. His head seemed so much bigger. If you stop the video you can locate his eyes at the top of his head. Octopus are very smart and at aquariums have been able to remove screw jar lids to get at food and will mimic other octopus.