Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Juneau to Petersburg


Throughout Alaska the names of landforms are informative.  In example, this is Point Retreat.  I wonder if Jodi was wishing we had heeded the warning when the anchorage was so rough the bouncing small boat turned on the motion sensor light at midnight.

A day with a little shopping in charming downtown Juneau which was devoid of cruise ships.

Spectacular Alaska
How do Hummingbirds fly so far as Alaska?

SeaDrifter and Osprey at Anchor

Doug and his siblings grew up with the Rust family and had a hard time sorting out why they were not cousins since both families came from North Dakota.  Randy and Rick Rust went on to purchase and expand Westport Shipyards which built many high end yachts.  This is the Serengeti which was commissioned by Johnny Carson.  It was a pleasure to share an anchorage with them.  PS That night there were 5 boats in our anchorage:  our 55 foot boats was by far the tiniest.

This whale was swimming under our anchored boat when we were out fishing.  We were anchored in 40 feet of water.

Beautiful blue icebergs abound at the LaConte Glacier

The LaConte Glacier is spectacular with it's bright blue hues.  Petersburg high school students wrote a grant to monitor the movement of the glacier.  They fly in by helicopter and triangulate movement sending the data to the geological service.

One of life's great treasures is family, grandchildren and a sunny day in Petersburg, Alaska.  Ron, Tammy and baby Eleanor were a delightful addition to our trip.

On rainy days as well!

A daddy and his girl!

A baby and a boat make for a nap time.

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Kathy and Jack said...

It wasn’t what you planned but it sure is beautiful country! Hoping you are getting some fish…I suppose Captain Doug could wrestle some salmon from the bears…