Saturday, May 9, 2020

A Different World

Some things are different:

The usually teeming streets are deserted

Masks are the norm

The spectacular fireworks shows are no more.

We don't see our friends or opponents when we play bridge.  Yesterday there were over 53,000 people playing online at 4:30 central time.

We are donating money to keep our Mexican neighbors fed.  There are no food banks and no safety net her.  I am thankful for what we have in our state and country.

We have family gatherings and cocktails with friends online instead of in person.

In Mexico beer is not considered essential by the government and there are protests.

The largest drug cartel in Jalisco is passing out food to the people in need.  An AK47 and a box of groceries...a bit noncongruent.

Some things stay the same:

The hummingbirds are still coming

Joey, the male Elegant Trogon is nearby.

Sometimes he hides in Laura's deck plants.

His lovely wife Phoebe is seen less frequently.

The gardenia is blooming.

Not all Tequila Sunrises contain alcohol!

Stay safe.  Be well and hopefully something good will eventually emerge from these terrible and trying times.

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erinz said...

Hi Jan! So lovely to see the beautiful flowers on your deck. Such happy colors! I think of you often and am happy to know you are both well and healthy. Hugs, Erin Z. :)