Monday, September 26, 2016

Celebrating the Season's Finale

September is a bittersweet time, a time to recall a summer at sea, a time to look forward to Old Mexico and a also time to reflect that we are ending another journey around the sun.

An ending is a beginning and is a reminder to live life to the fullest:  to cherish the love of family, to celebrate friendship and be not wasteful with time.  We know not when those joys will end.  So join us in a celebration of our summer of 2016 and know that while you may not have laughed across our dinner table, you traveled with us for we are connected in our journey.

Season Finale:

Tammy's First Salmon

An Early Summer Morning

An Engineer's Response to Jan's Longing for a Humming Bird Feeder

Famous McAllister Annual Smore Race

Chicago Friends and Prawns

Sunset in Shearwater

 Theresa (A Character) and Jan near Pruth Bay

Barry and Nadia Canadian Friends Met in Puerto Vallarta

Curry Dinner with San and Marion Before A Great Bridge Game

Jan and Jeff with Growler and Missy

Cocktails with Jeff and Bill

Jan's Last Salmon of the Season

And so remember may you  be safe, healthy and happy through your next journey around the sun.  Leave the world a better place tomorrow than it is today and tarry not in your quest to live well.

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Marion and San said...

Hi Jan and Doug, Thanks for doing this blog- I always look forward to reading of your adventures and learning the history behind many of your ocean discoveries.
I love your closing comment to the 2016 season... yes we would all do well to remember to leave the world a better place and tarry not in our quest to live well!
See you soon in PV. Hugs, Marion and San