Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sailor Superstitions

And how did Jan and Doug anger the sea gods.....

Changing the name 

Once a boat has been christened it is important to honor the sea gods with a renaming party.  During the party you implore the powers of the sea to bestow good luck upon the ship.

Leaving port on Friday

One theory is that this superstition has its roots in the crucifixion of Christ on Good Friday.  To this day many mariners will not leave on a Friday.

Black Bags

Black bags are deemed to be bad luck for mariners

Red sky at morning sailor take warning
Red sky at night sailor's delight.

Primarily this adage is related to weather.

Cat on board

The only cat that brings good luck would be a black cat.


While ubnclothed women have the power to calm the sea gods, clothed women bring bad luck at sea.  We are just going to have to work on this one since Jan is quite insistent on clothing.


If you noticed that neither Jan or Doug had eyes tattooed on their eyelids so that they could watch for danger when they slept you can go directly to the head of the class.

Good things that have come in the summer interrupted:

Puerto Vallarta Reunion in Penticton

Doug and Jan both earned their Life Master ranking while at the Penticton Bridge Tournament.  Great to see both our PV and our Washington friends during our stay.

We got to spend time with old college friends, Kristie and Bruce as well as the unphotographed Wayne and Martie who have returned from India.

Jan had lunch with Janet and Janna at the Skamania Lodge.

Jan and Doug caught a nice 15 lb chinook off Port Townsend.  we caught it on the wonderful new rods that Ron (Doug's son) and his fishing partner made.  They are wonderful - you can feel every flip of the tail through the rod.  

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