Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Fall in Mexico

First, further apologies regarding our trip down.  We spent a delightful two days with our friends, Mary Lee and Jerry and did not take a single picture.  An additional apology to my Uncle John and Wanda who have moved to Phoenix.  I failed to take my camera when I visited them.  I will do better on the way back north.  But on to our life in Mexico...

We settled in to our new condo.  What a beautiful view of the Bay of Banderas  from our deck!  Vallarta is lovely.

Our first guests, Deb and Ralph, settled in for the bridge tournament but Deb had the rule of balance - I balance my bridge time with my pool time!

And from the deck we can provide unfettered supervision of the city.  A vocation that Doug relishes each morning as he critiques the new pier construction.

Our big trip with Deb and Ralph was to a colonial village named San Sebastion del Oeste which is a charming high mountain village that was Spanish mining town.  We discovered one of the finest Italian restaurants ever - que rico!

Our next guest was Jan's cousin, Rina, who was born in Everett but has lived in Turkey for the past 12 years.       Jan visited Rina in Turkey where they had a time.  How fun it was to have her with us.  Jan and Rina took one day and took the boat to Yelapa which is a land locked village on the south side of the Bay of Banderas.
It was a haven for draft dodgers and stoned musicians in the 1970's.

Rina and I hiked to the falls which Doug and I failed to find in our three day stay.

  And we had lunch on the beach.

The three of us drove to a village that is less than 50 miles away but takes 2 1/2 hours by car.  Is it any wonder that we were the only gringos in town?

A few days after Rina returned to the states.  We were joined by Doug's lovely daughter, Shari and grandson, Jude.  Fun times ahead!

Happy Holidays to each and every one of you!  May you be blessed in the new year!

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!Feliz Navidad, Jan!