Thursday, September 6, 2012

Worst Fishing in 30 Years

It is widely reported to be the worst year for Central Coast fishing in the past 30 years and we would agree. It was not a year for catch and release for Chinook salmon.  We fretted a bit about Doug's son, Ron, coming up to poor fishing since he so loves to fish but it turned out to be a very good trip.

Ron and his friend, Lisa, joined us August 25th.  The weather was calm and the seas were bountiful.  Our first task was to prawn which is hard, hard work.  Ron and Lisa learned how to prawn and took home two limits of nice, big prawns.

A beautiful black bear greeted us when we entered a favorite anchorage.  This curtailed talk of berry picking for Ron and Lisa.

Ron and Doug may not have caught Chinook salmon the next day but the coho and ling cod were plentiful!

And the elusive halibut showed up for Ron which was very nice.

And Ron caught the biggest Coho that we know of in the Shearwater area - whopping 18 lb!

It was a wonderful trip and we were reminded that Chinook are not the only fish in the sea!

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