Saturday, January 16, 2010

From Bali

Bali differs substantially from the rest of Indonesia. It is predominantly Hindu with a decided Balinese twist. Life seems to be a tryst between good and evil forces which can be mediated by placating the gods. Offerings designed to produce good are deposited everywhere...small baskets with fruits and flowers, joss sticks and other prayers.

Natural disasters such as the 1963 volcanic eruption are deemed to be produced by failure to appease the gods properly. Much of life is dedicated to averting evil.

The young man is wearing a white headscarf which tells us he is going to temple to carry forward the serious business of life. Balinese religion infused into every aspect of Balinese existence and can not be viewed as a separate part of Balinese life.

Balinese food and drink is wonderful. We sought out traditional dishes (which is not always easy), sampled several types of beers and wandered through temples in proper garb.

Snorkeling was very good in several areas prior to the tumultuous seas that accompany the full moon and cause an underwater sandstorm and impenetrable waves.

Martie and Wayne met us in Amed and we spent two fun days together sampling the cuisine and exploring.

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