Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Cruiser

It may puzzle you what life at sea is really like. Today we provide you with a glimpse into a typical day. The sound of the coffee grinder wakes me at about 7:30. Dear Doug rises earlier than I do and makes coffee. We provision our coffee before leaving port. The right morning coffee is an important to the start of a good day. We sip our coffee and love the morning view of the lifting fog.

Following coffee, we consult our fashion expert and ready for the day. Doug's lovely orange coordinated suit is accented by his stylish brown rubber boots. Jan's natty gray and black rain suit is set off with her very own stylish boots by the same designer her dear husband.

Morning exercise is pulling the heavy prawn traps with 400 feet of line. Nice catch with 44 prawns measuring at least 7 inches. Light rain starts so we head back to the boat to process the prawns and make breakfast. Not everyone eats fish tacos for breakfast but we caught some nice rock fish yesterday.

Clean up time. Breakfast dishes and vacuuming just like ashore. Jan finds the remote for the XM radio that was thought to be lost at sea. Next task is to get the water maker moving. We are down to 50 gallons and like to have a reserve. Check the voltage and start the inverter - the batteries are a little low.

Chef Doug notes that we need mayonnaise and makes his own with super healthy grape seed oil. The cooking bug has struck and blue cheese dressing is added to our fridge along with salmon salad from the fish we caught earlier in the week.

A rousing game of crib follows with the score standing at 1 and 1 for the day. Tonght we will study charts. It seems that there will be a little break in the weather tomorrow and we will head up for Smith Inlet around Cape Caution. Just another day in the life of a cruiser.

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Kamille said...

I must've clicked in the wrong place [the story of my life] because this comment appeared on a much older post. Trying again to get it linked to the new post -

Sounds like you're having a great time out there. I want to wish you a very Happy 61st Birthday tomorrow! Doug will probably be making you a wonderful birthday dinner with some of your catch.