Monday, September 9, 2019

Jeff's Garden

As a child, Jeff was nowhere to be found when there was gardening to be done but now is a different story.  His gardens in the San Juan Islands are a special treat.  Take a short tour with us!

 A mixed bouquet
 A General Garden View
 Dahlias will always remind us of Aunt Vickie
 One of many heather varieties
 An unusual hydrangea
 Lilies anyone?
My favorite brother and me!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

An August End to Summer

Our season came to an end a tat early this year but what a wonderful summernit was.  In late July, our friends, Starr and Glen, from Peace River, Alberta joined us for 5 days.  Delightful people who are just the salt of the earth.
Good Friends ad Good Food

Good Salmon Fishing
One Blue Lingcod, Two Lingcod and a Nice Coho!

Sea Urchins Abound

Our Friends, Nancy and Mike

Jan and Doug 

Sea Otters are Rebounding From Near Extinction
Fin Whales Common This year

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Spectacular British Columbia

Gardner Canal is said to be the most spectacular fjord in North America.  We must concur.  Debra and Ralph joined us for our fourth trip and their second trip.  It is a remote area that has no outside contact including the Canadian Coast Guard.  But the risk is worth the cautionary measures.
Granite Cliffs in Chief Matthews Bay

A Gardner Canal Glacier

 A Hanging Glacier

Doug Enjoys Europa Hot Springs

Debra and Jan Looking for Grizzly Bears by Kayak

Doug Enjoying Europa Bay Hotsprings
Calm Morning Looking Out to Otter Passage

Mad Wet Eagle Drying Her Wings

Thoughtful Eagle Parents:  A Nest with a Covering

  Another Cougar Grad with a Unique and Beautiful Scarf Designed by Jan

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Foraging and Feasting

One might think that all we do in the north country is forage and feast.  Pretty much true!  Fishing has been good, company has been great!  Life is good!

 Find the spot prawns!
Spot Prawns steamed over fresh halibut!
Catch the Halibut!
 Mussel Appetizer
New kind of Quarter Pounder!
Farmer Larson's Hydrophonic Herb Garden
Nice Big Chinook
Mostly Kings for Today!
 Ice Wine served in the Dancing Wine Glasses crafted by our World Famouns Turner Brother
Dale Edwin Larson!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Making Our Home in Vallarta

In November we bought a condo in Puerto Vallarta and the work began.   The previous owners' taste differed from ours.  They loved their furniture and bright colors.  Our tastes are more sedate.









More After

More After

Entryway After

Art After

Masterbedroom Before


And some things remain unchanged

Our City View

Our Jungle View

There is so much left to do.  Art, decorating, entertainment center, guest bedroom furniture.  And all of it is FUN!

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Goodtimes and Hot Dates

It is always a bit sad to end a boating season because we know the wheels of time are turning round but we always make certain we enjoy the ride.  The last of our season visitors in Canada were Becky and Rick.  Had a great time, as always.

Rick has a new look and caught a really nice lingcod

Becky and a nice little spring

Large femal Box Crab

She has boxed herself up.

Kathryn and I celebrate my 70th in San Fransisco at Vogue Knitting Live

We were delighted to stay with my "niece" Melissa and her charming husband, Ali.  Baby Mila is wearing a sweater knit by Aunt Jan.  Such a great time with them.  Thanks for the hospitality.

From there we trekked to Manson to visit old friends and spend time with dearest Maria, Lia and Ehryanna.  I like to knit dollys that look like their little girls.  Ehryanna loves Baby.

Were fortunate enough to watch most of Eli's soccer game.  The girls played a distance away so we will watch them next time.

From there we raced to Mexico to close on our condo and begin the process of making it ours.  We arrived in time for our friend, Ivan's, Welcome to Medicare Party.  An opportunity to celebrate my 70th in costume. 

Big night on the town

 My hot date

Hoping that each of you is well and happy.  Our warmest wishes to you for the holiday season.  We well, be happy and get older gracefully.  Cheers.